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The Friends of Meersbrook Hall want to see Meersbrook Hall remain in public ownership, and for it to be sympathetically refurbished so that it can become a thriving hub of the community once again.

Meersbrook Hall is a Grade II listed building in Meersbrook Park in south Sheffield in the UK. It was the home of the Ruskin Museum for over 60 years so we would love Ruskin’s vision of inspiring people through the arts to be realised once more in this wonderful building.


We want a revitalised Hall to bring new life to the park – through celebrating the Hall’s rich heritage, providing new facilities for park users and complementing and enhancing some of its other wonderful features such as the Walled Garden.

With a footprint of over 12,000 sq feet, there is huge potential for a range of other activities to also take place here. We feel it is essential that the local community and people who use the park have a say in shaping the way the building is used in the future, and plan to include a mix of community and business activity in order to ensure the project is self-sustaining in the long term. It is also vital that we build relationships and collaborate with appropriate expertise in order to reveal the Hall’s extensive history and its many architectural phases.

Through regular open meetings and dialogue, we are striving to represent the views of the community around the park and to develop a plan for the building’s future that benefits a wide range of people with broad based public support.

We are working in partnership with Heeley Development Trust and Meersbrook Park Users Trust.

Heeley Development Trust
Meersbrook Park Users Trust

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Meersbrook Hall is located in Meersbrook Park, accessible via Brook Road.

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