June 3, 2015

Members meeting 2

  • Circulated potted history
  • Went through response from SCC – including breakdown of projected works (possible issues around DDA compliance in an old building, also note park entrance near offices is the only one which is DDA compliant)
  • Permission given to seek funding for a feasibility study. Joy suggested Richard Motley who did one for the Old Town Hall, works for http://www.integreatplus.com/
  • Staff consultation still not taken place
  • It was asked whether MB Bank school are looking for more space?
  • Cllr Ian Auckland (Graves) may be approachable for support  – need to look for cross party support.
  • Principles with HDT circulated. Motion to adopt them proposed by David Garlovsky. Carried unanimously.
  • B Roads party – Tim and Ann offered to take membership forms and sign people up.

Things to follow up:

  • NT project – looking at all parks in Sheffield as part of a pilot project – http://www.nesta.org.uk/endowing-public-parks-21st-century  could the Hall be part of this – link to Ruskin? National Trust team includes Harry Bowell, Director of the Midlands region; Ellie Robinson, Assistant Director of External Affairs; Matt Doran, External Affairs Manager; Victoria Bradford-Keegan, Project Manager
  • Museum Sheffields – Ruskin Collection
  • Article in Activ8 – edited version of Joy’s blog?
  • Donations: people may be willing to do so – money/time/publicity – Justgiving – can be done through HDT and ringfenced.
  • Food hygience guidance on FB  – for Heeley Festival
  • List of events we’ll be attending for noticeboards around park
  • Star Retro – edited version of Joy’s blog?
  • Press release re partnership with HDT
  • Change skills section on membership to tick boxes with things we’re specifically looking for?
  • Reshare public meeting write up
  • Guild of St George – need to make contact


Laura Holmes


Rhian Thomas




David Garlovsky, Clare Ward, Andy Jackson, Ed Chard, Tim Ryan, Ann Ryan, Hannah Wysome, Russ Stearman, Phil Shaddock, Rita Wilcock, Helen, Sarah Dight, Jeremy Thornton, Linda, Tricia Flynn and daughter, Joy Bullivant, Sue Freestone, Linda Hall, Moira Walker


Pete Newark, Kaktus Leach, Helen Turner, Anth Ashton, Kate Souper, Liz Martinez

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    1. This seems like it was a useful meeting, I wish I’d been there!

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