July 15, 2015

Members Meeting 3


  • From Andy Jackson: Heeley Development Trust was successful in bidding to the  Community Ownership and Management of Assets (COMA) fund on behalf of Friends of Meersbrook Hall.  The award comprises expert mentoring in developing an ambitious multiple community asset ownership and management project and specialist/technical assistance to undertake business planning for specific transfer propositions.  The proposed transfer of Meersbrook Hall into community management/ownership will form part of a broader asset transfer project for Heeley Development Trust.  It is vital all partners – HDT, FoMH and Sheffield City Council – have a positive working relationship to get the most from this funding.  Success at this stage of the project will enable us to apply for further funding in the future.   This is very exciting news, well done Andy!
  • Events attended recently: Walled Garden Party, Heeley Festival, Carfield School fair. Membership now at c. 280.  £253.10 raised at Heeley Festival.  Thanks to Linda for all her baking, and everyone who helped out on the stall and brought and bought cakes on the day.
  • It was decided to invest some of this money in getting Tote bags printed with the logo. This will be sold at future events, raising further funds and raising the profile of the group. The management committee were hoping to meet with the councillors on 22nd July (now confirmed), and asked for any points the group wanted raising.
  • The original print of James Green’s logo is to be presented to the Ruskin Pop up museum – part of the Ruskin in Sheffield project. It’s open until 24th October, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 381 South Road, Walkley.
  • Lynne has agreed to our press contact.

Increasing membership and getting more people actively involved

Although we are very pleased with our recent increase in membership we are still looking for ideas to raise the numbers further. The group put forward various suggestions to raise FoMH’s profile:

  • Slot on Sheffield Live on Thursday morning programme ‘My Kinda Place’ http://www.sheffieldlive.org/shows/my-kinda-place/
  • Link into Young Carers’ network, Disability Networks, Age UK, Church Groups, Lunch Clubs, Newfield School, Local events, Community Transport.
  • Question raised about how people can join who don’t use the internet. It was suggested forms and drop boxes are left at various locations e.g.: Tramshed, White Lion, Hungry Horse, Pavilion, GP Surgeries, Post Offices.
  • Also noted: include gender and ‘where did you sign up’ on membership form

Forthcoming events:

If anyone is able to man a stall at any of these events please get in touch via [email protected] or https://www.facebook.com/meersbrookhall . The committee will provide a box with all the things needed to set up a stall.

22nd August: Sharrow Festival

30th – 31st August: Sheffield Fayre

7th September: The Big Boulder – Heeley People’s Park

12th September: Regather Pop up Party  – Meersbrook Park

26th & 27th September: Meersbrook Park Ceramics Fair

27th September: Ruskin Family Day, Cabaret Boom Boom

11th October: Apple and Pear Day – Meesrbrook Park

8th November: Ruskin Reviewed


  • Rhian to organise bag printing
  • Laura to source a trestle table for events, drop box at the Tramshed
  • Helen to research getting a stamp made with the FoMH logo, make drop boxes with the Holiday Club and leave at GP surgeries.
  • Liz to organise a drop box at Hollythorpe Post Office and make links with lunch clubs/church groups
  • Alex to contact Richard Motley re Sheffield Live and investigate Twitter
  • Anth to go through skills list to make contact re specific activity e.g. canvassing for new members; and link with Virginia Lowes for Now Then article.
  • Kate to discuss press release re COMA funding with Lynne; and ask Lo Pharmacy if postcards could go in prescription bags.
  • Linda to contact Sharrow Festival re stall

Next meeting: to be confirmed


Kate Souper


Rhian Thomas


Park Pavilion


Andy Jackson, Linda Hall, Laura Holmes, Anth Ashton, Helen Turner, Jo McAnuff, Alex Payling, Liz Nicholas


Moira Walker, Kaktus Leech

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